First Appearance: February 28, 1967
Last Appearance: November 25, 1992
Portrayer: Constance Ford, February 28, 1967 - November 25, 1992.
Arrival: Introduced as Sam Lucas's sister.
Introduction Scene: To Sam Lucas who greeted her upon her arrival home, "No, it's Princess Grace."
Exit Scenes: (November 1992) The Cory Mansion living room (in response to Cass Winthrop's line about staying for Thanksgiving dinner, "Come here. I think I've died and gone to heaven"), "So have we.....Poof."
(May 1993) To Rachel Cory from her death bed in Phoenix, Arizona. Not shown. "See you around, kid."
Date of Death: May 4, 1993.
Cause of Death: Heart failure.
Place of Death A hospital room in Phoenix, Arizona.
Birthday: June 18, 1924. June 25 (1986).
Birthplace: Mississippi.
Other Aliases: Ada Lucas (maiden name).

Ada and AlliRelatives: Rachel Cory, daughter. Nancy McGowan, daughter. Sam Lucas, brother. Jamie Frame, grandson. Amanda Cory, granddaughter. Matthew Cory, grandson. Elizabeth Hutchins, granddaughter. Cory Hutchins, grandson. Susannah Lucas, niece. Steven Frame, great-grandson. Alli Fowler, great-granddaughter. Jasmine Cory, great-granddaughter. Eight other younger siblings.

Ada and Erniewith CharlieSPOUSES:
Gerald Davis (married 1944. Divorced by 1949).
Ernie Downs (RIP) (married on November 29, 1968. Dissolved in August 1971).
Gil McGowan (RIP) (married on August 15, 1973. Dissolved in January 1977).
Charley Hobson (RIP) (married on January 7, 1980. Dissolved in December 1980).

Ada and Captain Delaney Dates: Sidney Sugarman (1940s, 1989) and Captain Delaney (1985-1987).
Flirtations: Inspector Earl Wood (1971), Jim Matthews (RIP) (1977), and Fred Ewing (RIP) (1979).
Medical History: Both daughters (Rachel and Nancy) born through Cesarean section.
Former Occupations: Beautician (Pierre's Beauty Shop, 1960s. The Hair Affair, 1981-1982). Worked as a police counselor (1982). Co-owner of Mary's Place and owner of the Cafe Paradise. [Ada graduated from the LB Honeywell Beauty School.]