First Appearance: June 4, 1986
Last Appearance: June 16, 1989
Portrayer: Ed Fry, June 4, 1986 - May 27, 1988; June 16, 1989.
Arrival: Came to work at the BCPD.
Departure: Left to go be with M.J. McKinnon.
Introduction Scenes: (June 4) Sitting in Mary's Place.
(June 5) To a waiter at Northwoods Inn,"This is fine, thanks."
Exit Scene: The hospital, to Mac Cory (RIP), "Thanks, Mac."
Birthplace: Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Last Known Whereabouts: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Other Whereabouts: Chicago.

Freeze FrameRelatives: Vivian Cory, mother. Alfred Cory, father. Neal Cory, brother. Mac Cory (RIP), uncle. Iris Wheeler, cousin. Sandy Cory, cousin. Paulina Cory Carlino, cousin. Amanda Cory, cousin. Dennis Wheeler, second cousin. Maggie Cory, second cousin. Remy Woods, second cousin. Alex Cory, second cousin. Alli Fowler, second cousin. Dante Carlino, second cousin.
Lovers: M.J. McKinnon (fiance) (1986-1988).
Dates: Lisa Grady (1988).
Occupation: Police officer, sergeant.