Jacqueline Courtney

Linda Borgeson as AliceALICE MATTHEWS FRAME

First Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: June 16, 1989
Portrayers: Jacqueline Courtney, May 4, 1964 - June 17, 1970; September 24, 28, October 12, and November 2, 1970; March 9, 10, 11, 16, and 22, 1971; July 7, 1971 - July 25, 1975; May 4, 1984 - April 15, 1985; May 22, 23, and 25, 1989; June 16, 1989. []
Susan Harney, August 25, 1975 - March 20, 1979.
Wesley Ann Pfenning, April 2, 1979 - September 26, 1979.
Vana Tribbey, February 16, 1981 - September 4, 1981.
Linda Borgeson, September 8, 1981 - September 13, 1982.
Departure: (1979) Left to head up an experimental nursing program at Memorial Hospital.
(1982) Left to attend medical school.
(1985) Left for a research job in Washington, D.C.

Susan Harney as Alice Introduction Scenes: (Jacqueline Courtney, 1964) In the Matthews' house, reading and talking to Pat Randolph in their bedroom.
(Susan Harney) To Emma Frame Ordway in her home, "Now, where did Sally rush off to?"
(Wesley Ann Pfenning) To Susan Matthews Shearer in her apartment in Boston, "I'm just so worried about Sally."
(Vana Tribbey) To Marianne Randolph in the Matthews house, "Oh, it's so good to see you again."
(Linda Borgeson) To Mac Cory (RIP) in his hospital room, "Mac, I don't know..."
(Jacqueline Courtney, Reintro 1984) To David Thatcher (RIP) at the Matthews' house, "Hello. Where is everybody?"
Exit Scenes: (Jacqueline Courtney, 1975) At an airport with Emma Frame Ordway and Sally Frame.
(Susan Harney) To Dan Shearer in her cottage, "I may bring Sally with me."
(Wesley Ann Pfenning) To Pat Randolph in her apartment, "Thanks again, Pat."
(Vana Tribbey) In the hospital as Mac Cory (RIP) played with Amanda, "Oh, Mac."
(Linda Borgeson) To Rachel, "Steve still loves me in a way he'll never love you."
(Jacqueline Courtney, 1985) In her Washington apartment giving Liz Matthews' whereabouts to Larry Ewing.

Wesley Ann Pfenning as Alice Birthday: September 5, 1946. June 19 (referenced in 1981).
Last Known Whereabouts: Washington.
Other Aliases: Alice Talbot (alias, 1972-1973).
Other Whereabouts: Avignon, France (1970-1971), New York City (1972-1973), Chicago (1979-1980), Boston (1982-1984).
Relatives: Mary Matthews (RIP), mother. Jim Matthews (RIP), father. Sally Frame (RIP), adoptive daughter. Pat Randolph, sister. Russ Matthews, brother. Will Matthews (RIP), uncle. Janet Matthews, aunt. Marianne Randolph, niece. Michael Randolph, nephew. Josie Watts, niece. Olivia Matthews, niece. Bill Matthews (RIP), cousin. Susan Matthews Shearer, cousin. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, great-niece. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), great-nephew.

Vana Tribbey as Alice Spouses: Steve Frame (RIP) (married on September 24, 1971. Divorced on June 8, 1973. Remarried on May 3, 1974. Dissolved in May 1975). [, ]
Raymond Gordon (married on June 24, 1977. Divorced in March 1978).
Lovers: Willis Frame (fiance), Dan Shearer (fiance) (1978-1979), Mac Cory (RIP) (fiance) (1981), and Mark Singleton (RIP) (1984-1985).
Dates: Tony Douglas (1965-1967), Chris Tyler (1970), Scott Bradley (1979), and Mitch Blake (1981).
Flirtations: Eliot Carrington (1972-1973) and Zachary Colton (1981).
Medical History: Miscarried on March 10, 1972 and left unable to have children. Nervous breakdown (1974).
Current and Former Occupations: Owner of Frame Enterprises. Nurse, then doctor.
Notes: Courtney left June 17, 1970 for a year's leave of absence, but she returned to pre-tape scenes that were spaced out over that time period. She returned full time on July 7, 1971.