First Appearance: June 15, 1982
Last Appearance: July 29, 1983
Portrayer: Elizabeth Franz, June 15, 1982 - May 23, 1983; July 26 and 29, 1983.
Arrival: Came to avenge her brother's death.
Introduction Scene: To Cecile DePoulignac in her Claxton House Hotel room, "Any enemy of Blaine Ewing's is a friend of mine!"
Exit Scenes: (May 20) To Maisie Watkins at Smiley's Diner disguised as a waitress, "I'm gonna take a break. I'm beat."
(May 23) Lying dead in a hotel room as Blaine Ewing Cory stood over her.
Date of Death: May 20, 1983.
Cause of Death: Accidentally stabbed herself while struggling with Jeanne Ewing (RIP).
Other Whereabouts: Claxton, Wyoming.
Relatives: Buzz Winslow (RIP), brother.
Legal History: Terrorized and kidnapped Blaine Ewing Cory.
Former Occupations: Posed as Cory housekeeper while planning revenge on Blaine.

Disguised as waitress