First Appearance: May 7, 1980
Last Appearance: December 9, 1980
Portrayer: Deborah Hobart, May 7, 1980 - December 9, 1980.
Exit Scene: To Miranda Bishop in her house, "Goodbye, Miranda."
Other Aliases: Amy Halloway (maiden name).
Relatives: Ellen Halloway, mother. Taylor Halloway, father. Taylor Halloway Jr. (RIP), brother. Rick Halloway, brother. Kit Halloway, sister. Miranda Bishop, aunt.
Spouses: Matt Dudley (divorced in 1980).
Lovers: Brad Garrick, Philip Lyons (-1980), and Jerry Grove (1980).
Flirtations: Joey Perrini and Mitch Blake (1980).
Former Occupation: Fashion editor at Brava.