First Appearance: June 20, 1994
Last Appearance: March 21, 1995
Portrayer: Brandy Brown, June 20, 1994 - March 21, 1995.
Arrival: Came to marry Tomas Rivera in order to gain her inheritance.
Departure: Left because her plan failed.
Introduction Scene: Bay City High dressing room to Maggie Cory, "Gosh, I would give anything if I could put together an outfit like that."
Exit Scene: A hotel room, to Donna Love, "But you haven't seen the last of me yet."
Other Aliases: Angelina Irene Corelli (full name). Angel (nickname).
Other Whereabouts: Port Jarvis.
Relatives: Connie Corelli, mother. Dominick Corelli, father. Luisa Rivera, daughter. Rose Marie Tursi (RIP), grandmother. Theresa*, aunt.
Spouses: Tomas Rivera (married on August 18, 1994. Annulled in March 1995).
Former Occupation: Assistant at KBAY.