Maeve Kinkead as Angie Toni Kalem as AngieANGIE PERRINI

First Appearance: February 18, 1975
Last Appearance: January 4, 1980
Portrayers: Toni Kalem, February 18, 1975 - February 17, 1977.
Maeve Kinkead, February 23, 1977 - January 4, 1980.
Departure: Left after realizing she could never break up Willis and Gwen Frame's marriage.
Introduction Scenes: (Toni Kalem) To Gil McGowan in his kitchen, "Hello, Gil."
(Maeve Kinkead) To Evan Webster at the Frame Enterprises offices, "Hi, Evan... You're in early."
Exit Scene: (Toni Kalem) Frame Enterprises office to Alice Matthews Frame about Jim Matthews' cost figures, "They're already on their way to him."
Other Aliases: Angelina Perrini (full name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Chicago, Illinois.
Relatives: Rose Perrini, mother. Tony Perrini (RIP), father. Joey Perrini, brother. Sal, uncle.
Spouses: Vince Frame (married on May 19, 1978. Divorced on April 3, 1979).
Lovers: Willis Frame (1975-1979).
Dates: Neil Johnson (1975), Evan Webster (1976), Raymond Gordon (1977), and Scott Bradley (1977).
Flirtations: Cliff Tanner (1977).
Medical History: Pregnant by Willis Frame, Angie miscarried on November 8, 1979 in a car accident. Had a fractured rib puncturing the pericardium, heart arrest, and retrograde amnesia (1979).
Former Occupations: Secretary at Frame Enterprises. Assistant at Jim Matthews Accounting.