Roberta Maxwell as BarbaraBARBARA WEAVER Kathryn Walker as Barbara

First Appearance: January 9, 1975
Last Appearance: March 26, 1976
Portrayers: Roberta Maxwell, January 9, 1975 - December 30, 1975.
Kathryn Walker, January 2, 1976 - March 26, 1976.
Arrival: Accepted a position in John Randolph's (RIP) law office.
Departure: Left after being deceived and humiliated by John Randolph (RIP).
Introduction Scenes: (Roberta Maxwell) The law office responding to Jim Matthews' (RIP) comment about being attractive, "Now, Mr. Matthews, women lawyers try to forget about such things."
(Kathryn Walker) To John Randolph (RIP) about Sally Frame's adoption case, "That's one case that's ended without anyone getting hurt."
Exit Scenes: (Roberta Maxwell) To John Randolph (RIP) in her apartment, "Now, excuse me, while I see about that dinner I'm giving you."
(Kathryn Walker) To John Randolph (RIP), "Don't make it any more difficult than it already is."
Other Whereabouts: Washington (-1974).
Relatives: Barbara was the "only child of a sickly mother and a hard-driving man."
Lovers: John Randolph (RIP) (1976).
Dates: Vic Hastings (1975), Dave Gilchrist (1975), and Russ Matthews (1975).
Flirtations: Robert Delaney (1975) and Scott Bradley (1975).
Occupation: Lawyer.