First Appearance: April 17, 1975
Last Appearance: December 31, 1976
Portrayer: Jacqueline Brookes, April 17, 1975 - December 31, 1976.
Departure: Went to California to take care of Curtis and Henry for Raymond Gordon.
Introduction Scene: To Ada Hobson in the Cory Mansion, "How do you do, Mrs. McGowan?"
Exit Scene: Leaving for the airport with Sally Frame to Alice Matthews Frame, "We'll wait for you in the car. Come along, Sally."
Other Aliases: [Originally named Beatrice Gibson].
Relatives: Jennifer Gordon (RIP), daughter. Raymond Gordon, son. Charles Gordon, son. Sally Frame (RIP), granddaughter. Curtis Gordon, grandson. Henry Gordon, grandson. Eric Gordon, grandson. Kevin Thatcher, great-grandson.
Spouses: Mr. Gordon died in 1963/1964.
Dates: Jim Matthews (1976).
Flirtations: Leonard Brooks (1976).
Legal History: Kidnaped her granddaughter, Sally Frame.
Former Occupation: The Cory's housekeeper.