First Appearance: October 28, 1969
Last Appearance: January 23, 1973
Portrayer: Janis Young, October 28, 1969 - January 23, 1973.
Arrival: Came to get money from Wayne Addison (RIP).
Introducton Scene: To Wayne Addison (RIP) in his apartment, "Its about time.
Exit Scene: (January 23, 1973) In flashback with Mark Venable on the Randolph terrace, "Mark! Mark, stop...Help me..."
Date of Death: December 18, 1972.
Cause of Death: A brain concussion from a blow to the head while struggling with Mark Venable.
Place of Death: The Randolph's terrace.
Spouses: Wayne Addison (RIP) (divorced by 1969).
Lovers: Mark Venable (1972) and John Randolph (RIP) (1972).
Flirtations: Steve Frame (RIP) (1970).
Former Occupations: Secretary at Dru, Randolph, and Curtin law firm.
Note: Bernice was written out of the show May 12 - September 14, 1970 due to Janis Young being on maternity leave.