Bill and MissyFirst Appearance: May 4, 1964
Last Appearance: July 1, 1969
Portrayer: Joseph Gallison, May 4, 1964 - July 1, 1969.
Departure: Accepted a junior partnership with Childs, Dawson, and Childs and moved to California with Missy Palmer.
Introduction Scene: Coming inside the family house to Liz Matthews, "Sorry I'm late."
Exit Scene: With Missy Palmer, leaving their house and waving goodbye to a crowd of people, "Come on...Let's go before we all break down. Bye everybody."
Birthday: 1943.
Date of Death: March 1970.
Cause of Death: Died in a boating accident.
Place of Death: California.
Other Aliases: William Allen Matthews (full name).
Other Whereabouts: California.
Relatives: Liz Matthews, mother. Will Matthews (RIP), father. Ricky Matthews, adopted son. Susan Matthews Shearer, sister. Janet Matthews, aunt. Jim Matthews (RIP), uncle. Pat Randolph, cousin. Alice Matthews Frame, cousin. Russ Matthews, cousin. Marianne Randolph, second cousin. Michael Randolph, second cousin. Josie Watts, second cousin. Olivia Matthews, second cousin.
Spouses: Missy Palmer (married on December 21, 1967. Dissolved in March 1970).
Dates: Lenore Moore (fiance) (1966-1967).
Medical History: In a car accident on October 1, 1968.
Occupation: Lawyer.

Beverly Penberthy (Pat) and Joe Gallison