Laura Malone as Blaine BLAINE EWING CORY

First Appearance: July 17, 1978
Last Appearance: March 20, 1985
Portrayers: Laura Malone, July 17, 1978 - July 31, 1984.
Judy Dewey, February 13, 1984 - May 11, 1984; August 28, 1984 - March 20, 1985.
Arrival: Followed Jamie Frame back from his summer at a dude ranch in Wyoming.
Departure: Left with Sandy Cory for a television job in San Francisco, California.
Introduction Scene: (Laura Malone) The Cory Mansion, mistaking Brooks for Mac, "Mr. Cory?"
Exit Scenes: (Laura Malone) At L'Auberge to Jamie Frame, "Thank you. I'll be right back. Excuse me."
(Judy Dewey) The Cory Mansion with Mac Cory (RIP), Ada Hobson (RIP), and Rachel Cory.
Other Aliases: Blaine claimed her name was her mother's maiden name.
Relatives: Fred Ewing (RIP), father. Jeanne Ewing (RIP), mother. Alex Cory, son. Larry Ewing, brother. Catlin Ewing, half-brother. Evan Peterson (RIP), half-nephew. Catlin Ewing Jr., half-nephew. Jeanne Ewing, niece.
Spouses: Jamie Frame (married on October 20, 1978. Divorced on October 24, 1979).
Jerry Grove (married on February 15, 1980. Divorced on September 29, 1980; finalized on January 22, 1981).
Sandy Cory (married on August 4, 1983).
Lovers: Buzz Winslow (RIP) (1978-1979, 1980), Jordan Scott (RIP) (1980-1981), and Rick Halloway (1981).
Dates: Joey Perrini (1981).
Flirtations: Dennis Wheeler (1979).
Judy Dewey as Blaine Medical History: Prone to miscarry, Blaine lost a baby on November 23, 1979. Raped by Jordan Scott (1981).
Legal History: Brought to trial for the murder of Jordan Scott (RIP) (1981).
Former Occupation: Prostitute (briefly). Worked at Mr. Fixit. News reporter.
Note: Judy Dewey was a temporary replacement prior to permanently assuming the role of Blaine on August 28, 1984.