Laura Malone as Blaine BLAINE EWING CORY

First Appearance: July 17, 1978
Last Appearance: March 20, 1985
Portrayers: Laura Malone, July 17, 1978 - July 31, 1984.
Judy Dewey, February 13, 1984 - May 11, 1984; August 28, 1984 - March 20, 1985.
Arrival: Followed Jamie Frame back from his summer at a dude ranch in Wyoming.
Departure: Left with Sandy Cory for a television job in San Francisco, California.
Introduction Scene: (Laura Malone) The Cory Mansion, mistaking Leonard Brooks for Mac, "Mr. Cory?"
Exit Scenes: (Laura Malone) At L'Auberge to Jamie Frame, "Thank you. I'll be right back. Excuse me."
(Judy Dewey) The Cory Mansion with Mac Cory, Ada Hobson, and Rachel Cory.
Other Aliases: Blaine claimed her name was her mother's maiden name.
Relatives: Fred Ewing (RIP), father. Jeanne Ewing (RIP), mother. Alex Cory, son. Larry Ewing, brother. Catlin Ewing, half-brother. Evan Peterson (RIP), half-nephew. Catlin Ewing Jr., half-nephew. Jeanne Ewing, niece.
Spouses: Jamie Frame (married on October 20, 1978. Divorced on October 24, 1979).
Jerry Grove (married on February 15, 1980. Divorced on September 29, 1980; finalized on January 22, 1981).
Sandy Cory (married on August 4, 1983).
Lovers: Buzz Winslow (RIP) (1978-1979, 1980), Jordan Scott (RIP) (1980-1981), and Rick Halloway (1981).
Dates: Joey Perrini (1981).
Flirtations: Dennis Wheeler (1979).
Judy Dewey as Blaine Medical History: Prone to miscarry, Blaine lost a baby on November 23, 1979. Raped by Jordan Scott (1981).
Legal History: Brought to trial for the murder of Jordan Scott (RIP) (1981).
Former Occupation: Prostitute (briefly). Worked at Mr. Fixit. News reporter.
Note: Judy Dewey was a temporary replacement prior to permanently assuming the role of Blaine on August 28, 1984.