First Appearance: January 10, 1977
Last Appearance: September 20, 1985
Portrayer: Paul Stevens, January 10, 1977 - September 20, 1985.
Arrival: Replaced Keith Morrison as Cory Publishing's corporate attorney.
Introduction Scene: To Mac Cory, "Not at all. The complex is every bit as impressive as Keith told me it was."
Exit Scene: In the Cory Mansion, observing Mac Cory tease Rachel with a puzzle that revealed he will take her on a cruise to Dalmatia.
Relatives: Ted Bancroft, son.
Spouses: Muriel Bancroft (divorced in early 1970s).
Iris Wheeler (married on October 25, 1977. Divorced on August 18, 1980).
Lovers: Corinne Seton (1977), Olive Randolph (1978), and Pat Randolph (fiance) (1980-1982).
Dates: Gwen Frame (1977), Olivia Delaney (1981), Elena DePoulignac (1977-1979, 1982-1983), and Donna Love (1983).
with Beverlee McKinsey (Iris) Former Occupations: Cory Publishing's corporate attorney. Lawyer. Mayor of Bay City.

as Mayor of Bay City