First Appearance: March 26, 1985
Last Appearance: December 29, 1998
Portrayer: Barbara Berjer, March 26, 1985 - February 19, 1996; November 12, 1996 - January 27, 1997; July 29, 1997; December 29, 1998.
Arrival: Came to help Vicky Hudson steal a share of the Love fortune.
Introduction Scene: The McKinnon house to M.J. McKinnon about renting a room.
Exit Scene: (Last words) Vicky Hudson's living room, to herself, "Victoria..."
(Last scene) A hospital room, with Jake McKinnon and Donna Love.

Birthday: October 12, 1921.
Birthplace: Scotland.
Date of Death: February 19, 1996.
Cause of Death: Had her life support system disabled by Andrew Miller (RIP).
Place of Death: A hospital room in Bay City, Illinois.
Other Whereabouts: Lassiter, Pennsylvania.
Relatives: Sister.
Flirtations: Alistair (1993).
Former Occupation: Housekeeper and nanny for the Loves and Hudsons.