First Appearance: March 13, 1985
Last Appearance: January 5, 1987
Portrayer: Sharon Gabet, March 13, 1985 - January 5, 1987.
Arrival: Brought to Bay City by Peter Love to prevent Catlin Ewing from marrying Sally Frame.
Departure: Left with Catlin Ewing to await her appeal.
Introduction Scenes: (March 13) Flashback to Catlin Ewing bringing her flowers.
(March 20) Her house in Oregon to Zane Lindquist asking who he was on the phone with.
Exit Scene: To a crowd at Mary's Place, "Bye everybody."
Birthday: July.
Birthplace: Dry Creek, Wyoming.
Other Aliases: Brittany Reynolds (maiden name).
Relatives: Evan Peterson (RIP), son (13 months when he died). Catlin Ewing Jr., son. Lawrence Reynolds (RIP), father. Willa Grover (RIP), cousin.
Spouses: Catlin Ewing (divorced in 1985).
Peter Love (married on March 3, 1986. Divorced in December 1986).
Flirtations: Zane Lindquist (1983-1985).
Medical History: Deaf from early 1980s to 1985.
Legal History: Convicted of the attempted murder of Peter Love (1986).
Former Occupation: Horse trainer.