William Russ as Burt with Gail Brown as ClariceBURT MCGOWAN Joseph Hindy

First Appearance: January 31, 1977
Last Appearance: March 20, 1979
Portrayers: William Russ, January 31, 1977 - April 26, 1978.
Joseph Hindy, January 17, 1979 - March 20, 1979.
Arrival: Appeared at Ada Hobson's front door to tell her that Gil McGowan had been killed.
Introduction Scenes: (William Russ) To Clarice Ewing in Ada Hobson's kitchen, "Are you Ada?"
(Joseph Hindy) To Vince Frame at the furniture store, "Hi, Vince."
Exit Scenes: (William Russ) To Clarice Ewing, "Look, Iím going in to say goodbye to Cory."
(Joseph Hindy) To Ada Hobson on the Cory estate, "Yeah, thanks. I'll try."
Birthplace: New York (probably).
Last Known Whereabouts: Japan.
Other Whereabouts: Seattle (-1977), Detroit (1978).
Relatives: Marion McGowan (RIP), mother. Gil McGowan (RIP), father. Nick McGowan, son. Sandy McGowan, daughter. Tim McGowan (RIP), brother. Nancy McGowan, half-sister.
Spouses: Harriet McGowan (married in the 1960s. Divorced in 1976).
Clarice Hobson (married on September 9, 1977. Divorced in April 9-12, 1979).
Dates: Regine Lindeman (1977).
Medical History: Suffered a breakdown in 1979.
Legal History: Attempted to take Cory Ewing back to Japan with him.
Former Occupationa: Worked for Cory construction division.