First Appearance: June 21, 1978
Last Appearance: October 25, 1982
Portrayer: Eric Conger, June 21, 1978 - May 17, 1979; March 14, 1980 - August 11, 1980; September 23, 1982 - October 25, 1982.
Arrival: (1978) Followed Blaine Ewing Cory to resume their affair.
(1980) Joined Jordan Scott's mob after being paroled from jail.
(1982) Tailed Blaine Ewing Cory to seek revenge.
Departure: (1979) Extradited to Nevada and jailed for car theft.
(1980) Left for San Francisco under orders by Jordan Scott.
Introduction Scenes: (1978) To Mitch at the Ranch bunkhouse in Wyoming, "Where did the kids go?"
(Reintro, 1980) Over the phone to Blaine Ewing requesting they meet at a coffee shop.
(Reintro, 1982) Appearing in Blaine Ewing's drugged state, "You remember me, don't ya?"
Exit Scenes: (1979) Being restrained by Larry Ewing until he was arrested.
(1980) In Blaine Ewing's apartment in response to Jordan Scott's threats, "Yeah. I understand."
(1982) To Sandy Cory hanging from a cliff, "Well, just look at the pretty boy, now, huh?" Then, lying dead at the bottom of a ravine.
Birthday: Born in the late 1950's.
Date of Death: October 25, 1982.
Cause of Death: Falling off a cliff during a fight with Sandy Cory.
Place of Death: Wyoming.
Other Aliases: Robert Winslow (real name).
Other Whereabouts: Claxton, Wyoming.
Relatives: Alma Rudder (RIP), sister.
Lovers: Blaine Ewing Cory.
Medical History: Presumed dead in 1980 from an apparent car accident.
Legal History: Mugged Iris Wheeler. Jailed from 1979-1980 for car theft.
Former Occupations: Cory stableboy.