Carol with Neil Johnson (John Getz)CAROL LAMONTE

First Appearance: October 17, 1974
Last Appearance: October 8, 1976
Portrayer: Jeanne Lange, October 17, 1974 - October 8, 1976.
Arrival: Came to take a job at Delaney Architects.
Departure: Left due to break up with Willis Frame.
Introduction Scene: To Robert Delaney while helping him convert his apartment into an office, "Where would you like these blueprint holders kept when you're not using them?"
Exit Scene: To Therese Lamonte (RIP) in her suite, "Goodbye, Mother."
Birthplace: Newport (possibly).
Relatives: Therese Lamonte (RIP), mother. Alistair Lamonte (RIP), father.
Lovers: Dave Gilchrist (1974-1975), Robert Delaney (1975), and Willis Frame (1975-1976).
Dates: Vic Hastings (1974).
Former Occupation: Architect with Delaney Architects.
Notes: Originally referred to as Kate Lamonte.