First Appearance: July 23, 1970
Last Appearance: September 20, 1971
Portrayer: Rue McClanahan, July 23, 1970 - September 20, 1971.
Introduction Scene: At The Garden Place Clinic to Dan Shearer, “Good afternoon, Dr. Shearer.”
Exit Scene: The Randolph kitchen to Pat Randolph about being fired, "You want me to leave tonight?"
Relatives: Twin children (RIP).
Lovers: Charles (fiance) (RIP). Charles was the father of Caroline's twins.
Medical History: History of being institutionalized.
Legal History: Apprehended by the police for kidnapping the Ridgeway twins.
Former Occupation: Nanny for Michael and Marianne Randolph.
Note: Caroline's fiance, Charles and twin children died in a car accident on Christmas Eve after attending church services.