First Appearance: September 22, 1988
Last Appearance: March 6, 1991
Portrayer: Joy Bell, September 22, 1988 - March 6, 1991.
Introduction Scene: To Evan Frame in Amanda's office, "Evan, darling."
Exit Scene: Ryan’s apartment, to Grant Harrison and Ryan Harrison (RIP) at the start of their arm wrestling match, "One... steady, go."
Birthplace: Australia.
Last Known Whereabouts: Australia.
Relatives: Mother (RIP 12/10/88, age 39). Travis Stafford, brother. Fiona *, sister (married to a sheep farmer).
Lovers: Evan Frame (1980s-1988) and Cass Winthrop (1989).
Dates: Jamie Frame (1990).
Flirtations: Michael Hudson (RIP) (1990), Grant Harrison (1990), and Ryan Harrison (RIP) (1991).
Occupation: Art dealer.
Former Occupations: Owner of the Stafford Gallery. Manager of Sam Fowler.