First Appearance: January 26, 1984
Last Appearance: January 5, 1987
Portrayer: Thomas Ian Griffith, January 26, 1984 - January 5, 1987.
Arrival: Came to observe and get to know the Ewing family.
Departure: Accompanied Brittany Peterson out of town to await her appeal.
Introduction Scene: Spying on Larry Ewing and Maisie Watkins (RIP) outside Smiley's Diner.
Exit Scene: To a crowd at Mary's Place, "Bye."
Other Aliases: Josh Peterson.
Relatives: Jeanne Ewing (RIP), mother. Evan Peterson (RIP), son (13 months when he died). Catlin Ewing Jr., son. Larry Ewing, half-brother. Blaine Ewing Cory, half-sister. Alex Cory, half-nephew. Jeanne Ewing, half-niece.

Spouses: Brittany Peterson (dissolved in summer 1985).
Sally Frame (RIP) (invalidly married on April 8, 1985. Married on May 5, 1986. Dissolved in May 1986).
Lovers: Maisie Watkins (RIP) (1984) and Donna Love (1984).
Legal History: Catlin was on the lam for three years after slugging a sherrif who was assaulting Willa Grover (RIP) in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Former Occupation: Private detective.