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Susan Keith as Cecile Susan Keith CECILE DePOULIGNAC

First Appearance: June 6, 1979
Last Appearance: June 17, 1996
Portrayers: Susan Keith, June 6, 1979 - June 4, 1981.
Nancy Frangione, June 5, 1981 - July 31, 1984; October 23, 1984 - November 30, 1984; May 16, 1986 - August 15, 1986; October 31, 1989 - December 12, 1989; May 19, 20, and 25, 1993; October 27, 1995 - June 17, 1996.
Arrival: (1979) Visited Elena DePoulignac after a love affair with Philip Lyons turned sour.
(1986) Returned to kidnap Cass Winthrop and become impregnated by him.
(1989) Returned to swindle some money because she was broke.
Departure: (1984) Left to marry the King of Tanquir.
(1986) Left because she was dragged back to Tanquir.
(1989) Left when her scheme fizzled out.
Introduction Scenes: (Susan Keith) On Elena DePoulignac's doorstep, "Hello, Elena."
with Vivien (Nancy Frangione, 1981) To the bank manager in his office, "Oh, that's quite all right, Mr. Warren."
(Nancy Frangione, Reintro 1986) Her yacht, to Cass Winthrop, "Hello, Cass."
(Reintro, 1989) The Cory estate, to Ada Hobson, Jamie Frame, and Stacey Winthrop, "Trick or Treat!"
(Reintro, 1995) The Cory Mansion foyer, to Maggie Cory's "Tomas?" "No, but will I do?"
1993, Freeze Frame Exit Scenes: (Susan Keith) To Jamie Frame in their penthouse, "But, Jamie, please!"
(Nancy Frangione, 1984) A yacht in Majorca waving goodbye to Cass Winthrop, "Cass, you'll always be here in my heart...always have a place in my heart without any sacrifice."
(1986) A hotel room, to Cass Winthrop and Kathleen McKinnon,"Cass, I hate your guts. You were always a lousy lover, and you two losers deserve each other! You, I'm gonna get you!"
(1989) The airport, to Cass Winthrop, "I love you, Cass! bye-bye!"
(1996) The airport, to herself, "Good-bye, Margeurite. Bye, Cass. Well, here we go again."
Birthday: About 1959.
Cecile, with Sandy Birthplace: Paris, France.
Other Whereabouts: Europe.
Relatives: Elena DePoulignac, mother. Louis St. George (RIP), father. Maggie Cory, daughter.
Spouses: Jamie Frame (married on March 6, 1981. Divorced in December 1981).
Sandy Cory (married on December 8, 1981. Divorced in May 1982).
Amir (sp.), the King of Tanquir (married in November 1984. Dissolved in August 1986. Married new King in August 1986. Divorced by May 1993).
Lovers: Philip Lyons (fiance) (1979-1980), Dennis Wheeler (1979-1980), Vic Strang (1982), Peter Love (fiance) (1983-1984), and Cass Winthrop (1982-1984, 1989).
Flirtations: Willis Frame (1980), Mac Cory (RIP) (1980), and Gary Sinclair (1996).
Legal History: Kidnapped Maggie Cory (1995-1996).
with Dennis (Jim Poyner) Former Occupations: Editor-in-Chief of Brava Magazine. The Queen of Tanquir, an island country, a protectorate in the Mediterranean. Employee at Wallingford's.

Nancy Frangione, 1986 Nancy Frangione, 1995