First Appearance: November 2, 1977
Last Appearance: December 26, 1980
Portrayer: Fred J. Scollay, November 2, 1977 - December 26, 1980.
Introduction Scene: To Ada Hobson (RIP) upon showing up at Clarice Ewing's apartment, “Sorry, I must have the wrong apartment.”
Exit Scene: To Ada Hobson (RIP), in their kitchen, in response to her wishing him sweet dreams, "Okay."
Date of Death: December 26, 1980.
Cause of Death: Died in his sleep.
Place of Death: His bedroom.
Other Whereabouts: Fort Wayne (-1977).
Relatives: Clarice Ewing, daughter. Denny Hobson, son. Leigh Hobson, son. Cory Ewing, grandson. Jeanne Ewing, granddaughter.
Spouses: Lillian Hobson (RIP).
Ada Hobson (RIP) (married on January 7, 1980. Dissolved in December 1980).
Dates: Liz Matthews (1977-1978).
Former Occupations: Traveling salesman. Owned Charlie's Fix-it Shop. Partner in Hobson-Frame Furniture.