Brittany Finamore


First Appearance: February 2, 1994
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayers: Lindsay Fabes, February 2, 1994 - December 22, 1995.
Kellyann Murphy, February 21, 1996 - July 22, 1997.
Lauren Pratt, December 19, 1997 - December 28, 1998.
Brittany Finamore, April 13, 1999 - June 25, 1999.
Introduction Scenes: (Lindsay Fabes) The hospital, in an elevator with Cass Winthrop, Frankie Frame (RIP), and Morgan Winthrop.
(Kellyann Murphy) Cass and Frankie's house, with Cass Winthrop and Frankie Frame (RIP).
(Lauren Pratt) Vicky's house, with Cass Winthrop, Donna Love, Jake McKinnon, Vicky Hudson, Steven Frame, and Kirkland Harrison.
(Brittany Finamore) Carlino's Restaurant, to Cass Winthrop, "Hi."
Kellyann Murphy as Charlie Exit Scenes: (Lindsay Fabes) Cory Mansion living room, with Cass Winthrop, Frankie Frame (RIP), and Cecile DePoulignac.
(Kellyann Murphy) Center Street, to Cass Winthrop before going off to summer camp, "I love you, Daddy. Bye. Bye, Daddy."
(Lauren Pratt) While reading to Jasmine Cory, "Look, Jasmine, that's The Grinch. See how red and scrunched-up his face is?"
(Brittany Finamore) After Cass and Lila's wedding in Foster Park, "This is the best fireworks ever, the best wedding ever, and I'm going to remember it forever."
Birthday: (Former) February 2, 1994 and February 2, 1992. Aged in 1999.
Birthplace: Bay City, Illinois.
Other Aliases: Charlotte Frame Winthrop (full name) [Alice Barrett requested the name "Charlotte" because it was the name of her grandmother, who loved her soaps, especially Another World].
Lauren Pratt as Charlie Relatives: Frankie Frame (RIP), mother. Cass Winthrop, father. Emma Frame Ordway, maternal grandmother. Burt Ordway, maternal grandfather. Claudia Winthrop, paternal grandmother. * Winthrop Jr. (RIP), uncle. Molly Ordway, aunt. Stacey Winthrop, aunt. Morgan Winthrop, uncle. Sterling Ordway, uncle. Wade Ordway, uncle. Megan Winthrop (RIP), cousin. Steve Frame (RIP), great-uncle. Willis Frame, great-uncle. Vince Frame, great-uncle. Jason Frame (RIP), great-uncle. Janice Frame (RIP), great-aunt. Norman Frame, great-uncle. Henry Frame, great-uncle. Sharlene Frame, great-aunt. Jamie Frame, second cousin. Evan Frame, second cousin. Josie Watts, second cousin. Dean Frame, second cousin. Gregory Hudson, second cousin.
Medical History: Born in an elevator. Suffers from teratology.