First Appearance: August 14, 1986
Last Appearance: July 13, 1988
Portrayer: Kristen Marie, August 14, 1986 - July 13, 1988.
Departure: Left to attend college.
Introduction Scene: To herself, upon arriving at Mary's Place and reading the sign on the door, "Closed. Due to death in the family."
Exit Scene: The McKinnon house, to Vince McKinnon, "Goodbye, Pops."
Birthday: November 21, 1968.
Last Known Whereabouts: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Relatives: Mary McKinnon, mother. Vince McKinnon, father. Kathleen McKinnon, sister. M.J. McKinnon, sister. Ben McKinnon, brother. Ray McKinnon (RIP), uncle. Jake McKinnon, cousin. Kevin Anderson, cousin. Sean McKinnon, second cousin.
Lovers: Scott LaSalle (1986-).
Dates: Sam Fowler (1987).
Flirtations: Chad Rollo (1987-1988) and John Hudson (1988).
Occupation: Model.
Former Occupations:
Waitress at Mary's Place.