First Appearance: July 10, 1985
Last Appearance: June 5, 1986
Portrayer: Don Scardino, July 10, 1985 - June 5, 1986.
Arrival: Came to practice medicine at Bay City General Hospital.
Introduction Scene: In a field after landing his hang glider.
Exit Scene: To Vicky Hudson at the NorthWoods Inn, "Yeah, but I still feel like an idiot. Forgive me, please?"
Date of Death: February 1998.
Cause of Death: Falling from the terrace of a highrise in an apparent suicide.
Last Known Whereabouts: Denver, Colorado.
Relatives: Leslie Chapin (RIP), mother. Frederick Chapin (RIP), father.
Lovers: Nancy McGowan (1985-1986).
Dates: Vicky Hudson (1985-1986).
Former Occupation: Doctor.