First Appearance: May 19, 1970
Last Appearance: September 6/7, 1972
Portrayer: Leonie Norton, May 19, 1970 - September 6/7, 1972.
Introduction Scene: To Russ Matthews in his clinic, “Yes. Dr. Matthews.”
Birthday: 1948
Cause of Death: Died of her heart ailment.
Other Aliases: Cynthia Clark (full name).
Relatives: Belle Clark, mother. Ted Clark, brother. Father died in 1965.
Spouses: Russ Matthews (married on September 5, 1972. Dissolved in September 1972).
Medical History: Cindy had Murine Typhus in 1970. She died from Mitral Stenosis.
Former Occupation: Nurse. Receptionist at Russ Matthews' Garden Place Clinic.

With Lenore (left)