Peg Small Kate WilkinsonCLARA HUDSON

First Appearance: March 19, 1987
Last Appearance: July 26, 1995
Portrayers: Scotty Bloch, March 19 and 20, 1987.
Kate Wilkinson, April 15, 1987 - May 6, 1988; November 21, 1989.
Peg Small, April 18, 1995 - July 26, 1995.
Introduction Scenes: (Scotty Bloch) To Michael Hudson from the staircase of the Hudson household, "Would you stop fussing, Michael."
(Kate Wilkinson) To Donna Love in the Hudson living room, "Michael ever tell you he used to sit here just like this Saturday nights after the game?"
(Peg Small) To John Hudson and Gregory Hudson in the kitchen of the Hudson household, "Many thanks to both of you capable, young men and all your hard labor."
Exit Scene: (Kate Wilkinson) To Michael and John Hudson, "Oh. Ooh, but I would like to talk to Donna for just a moment before the wedding."
Last Known Whereabouts: Florida
Birthday: Late May.
Relatives: Margaret * (RIP), mother. Joe * (RIP), father. Michael Hudson, son. John Hudson, son. Marley Hudson, granddaughter. Vicky Hudson, granddaughter. Nick Hudson, grandson. Steven Frame, great-grandson. Gregory Hudson, great-grandson. Kirkland Harrison, great-grandson.

Scotty Bloch Spouses: "Man" (divorced in the late 1960s).
Medical History: Had pneumonia (1995).