First Appearance: February 7, 1975
Last Appearance: May 5, 1993
Portrayer: Gail Brown, February 7, 1975 - August 15, 1986; June 16, 1989; May 5, 1993.
Introduction Scene: To Louise Goddard at the door of Iris Wheeler's house, "Is this where Phil lives?"
Exit Scene: To Felicia Gallant in the Cory living room, "I'm so sorry, Felicia."
Other Aliases: Clarice Hobson (maiden name).
Relatives: Lillian Hobson (RIP), mother. Charlie Hobson (RIP), father. Cory Ewing, son. Jeanne Ewing, daughter. Denny Hobson, brother. Leigh Hobson, brother.

Spouses: Burt McGowan (married on September 9, 1977. Divorced in April 9-12, 1979).
Larry Ewing (married on May 7, 1979).
Lovers: Phillip Wainwright (1975), Neil Johnson (1975), Robert Delaney (1975), and Jeff Stone (RIP) (1976).
Dates: Scott Bradley (1976).
Medical History: Raped by Jerry Grove (1981).
Former Occupation: Waitress. Hairdresser.