First Appearance: December 13, 1976
Last Appearance: December 25, 1985
Portrayers: Matthew Thornton, December 13 and 20, 1976.
Carmine Rizzo (aka Carmine Grey), June 27, 1977 - December 25, 1985.
Jonathon Romero, August 4 and 11, 1977.
Exit Scene: (Carmine Rizzo) In the Cory Mansion living room in response to Ada Hobson's question about the game room, "Yeah."
Date of Birth: August 23, 1976.
Birthplace: Bay City General Hospital.
Other Aliases: Cory Hobson (birth name) (named after Mac Cory).
Relatives: Clarice Ewing, mother. Robert Delaney, father. Robbie Delaney (RIP), half-brother. Jeanne Ewing, half-sister. Charlie Hobson (RIP), maternal grandfather. Jasper Delaney (RIP), paternal grandfather. Peter Delaney, uncle. Laura Cooper, aunt. Denny Hobson, uncle. Leigh Hobson, uncle. Tony Cooper, cousin. Joseph (Joey) Cooper, second cousin.
Notes: Matthew Thornton was 3 months old when he started the show. Jonathon Romero was born on November 7, 1976.