John CunninghamDAN SHEARER Brian Murray

First Appearance: March 17, 1970
Last Appearance: May 29, 1979
Portrayers: John Cunningham, March 17, 1970 - September 30, 1971.
Brian Murray, May 22, 1978 - May 29, 1979.
Arrival: (1970) Went into private practice with Russ Matthews.
(1978) Returned in hopes of reconciling with Susan Matthews Shearer.
Departure: (1971) Accepted a job offer in New York.
(1979) Returned to Boston after reconciling with Susan Matthews Shearer.
Introduction Scenes: (John Cunningham) To Russ Matthews in his Houston hotel room, "Thanks."
(Brian Murray) To Liz Matthews in her apartment, "Hello, Liz."
Exit Scenes: (John Cunningham) To Russ Matthews about the news that he and Cindy Clark were close to setting a wedding date, "Fine with me."
(Brian Murray) To Liz Matthews, Pat Randolph, and Jim Matthews at his house, "All we know is that we're flying to Boston tomorrow."
Other Aliases: Daniel Johnson Shearer (full name).
Other Whereabouts: Houston, Texas (1960s-1970), New York (1971-1974), Boston, Massachusetts (1974-1978, 1979-1986).
Last Known Whereabouts: Boston, Massachusetts.
Relatives: Randy Shearer, father (a pharmacist) (RIP). Barbara Shearer, daughter. Julia Shearer (RIP), adopted daughter.
Spouses: Gloria Shearer [originally known as Edith Walters] (divorced in 1965).
Susan Matthews Shearer (married on June 30, 1971. Divorced in January 1979).
Lovers: Olive Randolph (1978) and Alice Matthews Frame (fiance) (1978-1979).
Flirtations: Pat Randolph.
Occupation: Doctor, obstetrician/gynecologist. Ran the Garden Place Clinic with Russ Matthews.
Note: The last known mention of Dan Shearer was on August 13, 1984 by Liz Matthews.