First Appearance: June 15, 1966
Last Appearance: August 25, 1967
Portrayer: Antony Ponzini, June 15, 1966 - August 25, 1967.
Introduction Scene: In shock and fright after realizing he's just hit a woman (Missy Palmer) with his car, "What in the-"
Exit Scene: Flashback, about to be shot by Flo Murray, "Gimme that gun, you crazy broad."
Birthday: 1934 or 1935.
Date of Death: February 7, 1967.
Cause of Death: Shot three times by Flo Murray.
Place of Death: Suite 1019 at the Barclay Hotel.
Other Aliases: Daniel Fargo (full name).
Relatives: Ricky Matthews, son. Harry Fargo, brother. Several other brothers and sisters.
Spouses: Missy Palmer (married on August 23, 1966. Dissolved in February 1967).
Lovers: Flo Murray (1961-1967).
Former Occupations: Composer. Crook. Cabaret entertainer at The Alley.