First Appearance: October 14, 1974
Last Appearance: August 25, 1977
Portrayer: David Ackroyd, October 14, 1974 - August 25, 1977.
Departure: Left after Rachel Cory spurned his renewed advances.
Introduction Scene: To Russ Matthews at the hospital, "Morning, Russ."
Exit Scene: To Corinne Seton in her apartment, "Call me in Boston if you need moral support, huh?"
Birthplace: Boston, Massachussetts (probably).
Relatives: Corinne Seton, cousin. Olivia, cousin.
Lovers: Carol Lamonte (1974-1975).
Dates: Barbara Weaver (1975), Iris Wheeler (1975), Pat Randolph (1976), Rachel Cory (1977), and Gwen Frame (1977).
Occupation: Doctor, obsterician/gynecologist.