First Appearance: September 12, 1983
Last Appearance: May 4, 1984
Portrayer: Lewis Arlt, September 12, 1983 - May 4, 1984.
Introduction Scene: Being warned that Donna Love has been snooping into Sally Frame's past.
Exit Line: Upstairs at the Bay City Country Club to Sally Frame (RIP), "You don't say no to me anymore, Sally. You understand? Not about anything."
Exit Scene: Lying dead on the floor.
Date of Death: May 4, 1984.
Cause of Death: Shot by Emily Benson (RIP).
Place of Death: Hotel room at the Bay City Country Club.
Relatives: Kevin Thatcher, son.
Spouses: Jennifer Thatcher (RIP).
Lovers: Sally Frame (RIP) (fiance) (1984).