First Appearance: September 14, 1983
Last Appearance: May 8, 1984
Portrayer: Lewis Arlt, September 14, 1983 - May 8, 1984.
Introduction Scene: Being warned that Donna Love has been snooping into Sally Frame's past.
Exit Scenes: (May 4) Upstairs at the Bay City Country Club to Sally Frame (RIP), "You don't say no to me anymore, Sally. You understand? Not about anything."
(May 8) Lying dead on the floor.
Date of Death: May 4, 1984.
Cause of Death: Shot by Emily Benson (RIP).
Place of Death: Hotel room at the Bay City Country Club.
Relatives: Kevin Thatcher, son. Kevin Fowler (RIP), uncle.
Spouses: Jennifer Thatcher (RIP).
Lovers: Sally Frame (RIP) (fiance) (1984).