First Appearance: September 4, 1987
Last Appearance: March 16, 1988
Portrayer: Barbara Bush, September 4, 1987 - March 16, 1988.
Arrival: Came to reunite with her brother Chad Rollo.
Departure: Went with Scott LaSalle to Venice, Italy where she died.
Introduction Scene: On an airplane, to Scott LaSalle, "What are you doing?"
Exit Scene: Mary's Place, to Mary McKinnon, "I'm just a little tired. But, I want you to know two things, always. I love Scott and I love you. Okay? Goodbye."
Cause of Death: AIDS, from a blood transfusion from her prostitute mother.
Place of Death: Venice, Italy.
Other Aliases: [Originally named Ivy Rollo]
Relatives: Joan Rollo (RIP), mother. Chad Rollo, brother.
Dates: Scott LaSalle (1987-1988).
Former Occupations: Aspiring singer and songwriter. Student at a music school.
Notes: Bush is now known as Barbara Tyson.