First Appearance: January 22, 1985
Last Appearance: August 14, 1986
Portrayer: Katie Rich, January 22, 1985 - August 14, 1986.
Arrival: Came at the request of Tony the Tuna so Cass Winthrop could play Pygmalion.
Introduction Scene: To Felicia Gallant at Cecile DePoulignac's house, "Yeah. You Cass?"
Exit Scene: To Felicia Gallant about Zane Lindquist (RIP), "I know I should say something consoling, you know. But I miss him."
Other Aliases: Deirdre Evans (full name).
Relatives: Tony the Tuna, uncle. Bruce Evans, cousin.
Flirtations: Cass Winthrop (1985).
Occupation: Singer.