Jim Poyner as Dennis Mike Hammett as Dennis Chris Bruno as Dennis


First Appearance: December 13, 1972
Last Appearance: July 30, 1993
Portrayers: Mike Hammett, December 13, 1972 - June 6, 1978.
Jim Poyner, June 22, 1978 - July 29, 1980; May 22 and 23, 1989.
Chris Bruno, August 20, 1991 - July 30, 1993.
Introduction Scenes: (Mike Hammett) To Louise Goddard Brooks, about their geography lesson, "Langerhans... Itís right here!"
(Jim Poyner) Ranch bunkhouse in Wyoming, to Buzz Winslow, "Just trying to get my boots on."
(Chris Bruno) The Cory Mansion library, to Iris Wheeler, Jamie Frame, and Paulina Cory Carlino, "Surprise!"
Exit Scenes: (Mike Hammett) to Jamie Frame, in their loft, about going to Wyoming for the summer, "You bet it's okay. You've saved my life!"
(Jim Poyner) At Western Art, telling Iris Wheeler that he intends to remain in Houston.
(Chris Bruno) To Dean, Jenna, Lorna, and Maggie about Jake McKinnon, "He's a guy that was misguided, but he has a lot of moxie I'll tell you that right now."
Birthday: (Former) 1959.
Other Aliases: Dennis Carrington (birth name).
Last Known Whereabouts: Los Angeles, California.
Other Whereabouts: New York City, Houston, Texas.
Relatives: Iris Wheeler, mother. Alex Wheeler (RIP), father. Sarah Matthews Wheeler, daughter. Sylvie Kosloff (RIP), grandmother. Mac Cory (RIP), grandfather. Grant Wheeler, uncle. Sandy Cory, half-uncle. Paulina Cory Carlino, half-aunt. Amanda Cory, half-aunt. Lacey Wheeler, cousin. Brette Wheeler, cousin. Mark Wheeler, cousin. Maggie Cory, half-cousin. Alex Cory, half-cousin. Remy Woods, half-cousin. Alli Fowler, half-cousin. Dante Carlino, half-cousin. Myrtle Benson, great-aunt. Alfred Cory, great-uncle. Neal Cory, second cousin. Adam Cory, second cousin.

Paige and Dennis Spouses: Paige Marshall (married on February 9, 1981. Divorced on September 28, 1981).
Lovers: Elena DePoulignac (1978-1979), Cecile DePoulignac (1979-1980), Olivia Matthews (1991), and Marley Hudson (1992-1993).
Dates: Molly Ordway (1976), Eileen Simpson (1978), Sally Frame, and Dawn Marshall (1980).
Flirtations: Blaine Ewing Cory, Eileen Simpson Perrini, and Jenna Norris (1993).
Medical History: Had anemia during childhood. Was in a racing-car crash.
Former Occupations: Worked at Gallery 285 (1979). Owned "Western Art," an art gallery in Houston. In 1981, Dennis left Houston with the intention of becoming a TV journalist.
Occupations: Graduated college with degree in engineering, 1979. Worked at Gallery 285 and Frame Enterprises. Art dealer and race car driver.

Michael Hammett remembers:

It seems strange to me that this is the first anniversary of the last episode of Another World. In fact the show ended for me on May 31st 1978. By July 4th of that year I was living in Los Angeles and never really looked back. Paul Stevens who played Brian Bancroft had made a bet with me one day on our way home that I wouldn't go to L.A that night for the weekend. He called me a chicken...the equivalent of a "triple dog dare" for a seventeen year old male. I had no choice right? When I hit Los Angeles I loved it and was determined to live there.

When I think about my days at Brooklyn Studios I have to smile. I spent six years of my adolescence as Dennis Carrington, not Wheeler, and went through the changes common to all people of that age. Bobby Doran, who played Jamie Frame, and I were "partners in crime". We had the run of the studio. We were kids having fun. For example there were times when we would play Frisbee in the halls, bouncing the Frisbee off of other actors doors, who may have been reading or taking a nap, and would stick their head out and tell us to knock it off. There were the coffee fights right before taping that would drive the wardrobe dept nuts. I remember running down the hall changing clothes at the last minute laughing. Then there was the roof of the studio, especially fun in the winter. The roof was a slight dome and when it would snow we could be found sliding down to the edge of the roof, a three foot tall wall that stopped us from falling to the ground below. Some of the neighbors found it a little shocking and the police were called more than once...but hey, we "lived there"! The catwalks however were my personal favorite. A secret world of lights and ropes high above the sets where daily life would happen unaware of the shadowed figure that would hover in silence unseen observing all that happened below. Until it was my turn, or until I sprinkled fake snow into the set of a living room while a scene was going on. ;-)

The cast was like my family. I felt so at home. Particularly the members that I shared story lines with. Beverlee McKinsey was like my second mom. She's the best. I will love Anne Meacham forever. Doug Watson was great to me. Jacquie Courtney will always hold a special place in my heart. And as I said Bobby Doran was my bud. We shared dressing rooms often and just kind of grew up together. All the cast members were wonderful. However I do remember one of my first days on the show when I had a joke played on me. I was given the key to "my" dressing room for the day. I walked in on George Reinholt while he was sleeping in "his" dressing room. He was not happy, a moment I will never forget. Thanks to all of you that helped me along in my days on AW and if I caused anyone any problems with my adolescent experimentation and growth then I apologize. If anyone would like to contact me try this email address. Mikehammettaw@hotmail.com . If I owe you money, don't expect a reply. ;-)

As an adult I look back with incredible gratitude at the opportunity I was given. My son Brandon is now seventeen years old and my daughter Jamie is eight. I didn't even realize that the name Jamie was the character of Bobby Doran until she was a few years old. My family is the gift that is real life. I face very real challenges that impact myself and those I love, as do we all. Sometimes when my decisions don't quite agree with what others say I just have to remember, I grew up on Another World!

Mike Hammett