First Appearance: May 11, 1981
Last Appearance: July 6, 1982
Portrayer: James Horan, May 11, 1981 - July 6, 1982.
Arrival: Came to visit his family and seek employment with Zachary Colton.
Introduction Scene: To Leigh Hobson at Larry and Clarice Ewing's house, "Hello, Leigh."
Exit Scene: The police station with Sally Frame discussing their marriage.
Birthday: 1952.
Other Aliases: Denver Hobson (full name). Originally known as either Clint or Jerry.
Other Whereabouts: Wisconsin (-1981).
Relatives: Lillian Hobson (RIP), mother. Charlie Hobson (RIP), father. Clarice Hobson, sister. Leigh Hobson, brother. Cory Ewing, nephew. Jeanne Ewing, niece.
Spouses: Suzanne (Divorced in 1981).
Sally Frame (married on April 8, 1982. Divorced in January 1983).
Legal History: Sent to jail in 1982 for the murder of Loretta Shea.
Occupation: Lawyer. Crook.