First Appearance: January 13, 1989
Last Appearance: July 13, 1990
Portrayer: Kevin Carrigan, January 13, 1989 - July 13, 1990.
Arrival: Came to renew his acquaintance with Felicia Gallant.
Departure: Left due to break up with Stacey Winthrop.
Introduction Scenes: (January 13) Sitting in the hospital chapel, eavesdropping on Felicia Gallant and Lisa Grady.
(February 3) At TOPS to Felicia Gallant, "Remember, Fanny."
Exit Scene: The courtroom, to Stacey Winthrop, "Take care of yourself, Stacey."
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois.

Lovers: Stacey Winthrop (1989-1990).
Dates: Frankie Frame (RIP) (1989).
Medical History: Had a facial scar inflicted by Noah Grady (RIP).
Legal History: Killed Noah Grady (RIP) as a teenager.
Former Occupations: Odd jobs. Worked at Frame Construction in 1989 and the Pelican Club in 1990.