First Appearance: March 13, 1978
Last Appearance: December 11, 1979
Portrayer: Vicky Dawson, March 13, 1978 - December 11, 1979.
Introduction Scene: College coffee shop while smiling at Jamie Frame, "Hi, Dennis."
Exit Scenes: (December 5) "We're going to be so happy together."
(December 11, fantasy voice-over) "Look well, therefore, to this day."
Date of Death: December 11, 1979.
Cause of Death: A brain tumor.
Place of Death: A hospital room in Bay City.
Relatives: Nora Simpson, mother. Bill Simpson, father. Morgan Simpson, brother. Richard Simpson, brother. *, sister. *, younger sister. Rita Connelly, aunt. Paul Connelly, uncle.
Spouses: Joey Perrini (married on November 21, 1979. Dissolved in December 1979).
Lovers: Phil Higley (1979).
Dates: Michael Randolph (1978) and Dennis Wheeler (1978).
Flirtations: Ted Bancroft (1979).
Medical History: Briefly blinded when Olive Randolph, mistaking her for Alice, threw acid in her face.
Former Occupations: Waitress at coffee shop. Secretary at Randolph and Bancroft law office. Worked at Frame/Hobson furniture store. A law school student.