Christina Pickles as ElenaELENA DePOULIGNAC Maeve McGuire as Elena

First Appearance: July 6, 1977
Last Appearance: October 28, 1983
Portrayers: Christina Pickles, July 6, 1977 - July 31, 1979.
Maeve McGuire, April 30, 1982 - May 19, 1983; October 17 - 28, 1983.
Arrival: (1977) Came to visit her friend Iris Wheeler after a breakup.
(1982) Came to support Cecile DePoulignac and Maggie Cory.
Departure: (1979) Left under Iris Wheeler's advice and breakup with Dennis Carrington.
(1983) Took Maggie Cory to Europe with Cecile DePoulignac's consent to protect her from Alma Rudder.
Introduction Scenes: (Christina Pickles) To Iris Wheeler over the phone from her limousine, "Oh, Iris, Louise said you were sleeping."
(Maeve McGuire) In the Cory Mansion with Cecile DePoulignac.
Exit Scenes: (Christina Pickles) To Dennis Carrington in her living room, "Goodbye."
(Maeve McGuire) The Cory Mansion with Maggie Cory saying goodbye to Mac Cory.
Birthplace: Akron, Ohio.
Other Aliases: Helen Carter [Originally Strauss]. The Countess DePoulignac.
Last Known Whereabouts: Paris, France.
Other Whereabouts: Europe.
Relatives: Cecile DePoulignac, daughter. Maggie Cory, granddaughter.
Spouses: Count Sergei DePoulignac (RIP) (dissolved by the mid 1970s).
Lovers: Louis St. George (RIP) and Dennis Wheeler (1978-1979).
Dates: Brian Bancroft (1977-1979, 1982-1983), Russ Matthews (1977-1978), and Mac Cory (RIP) (1982-1983).
Flirtations: Jeff Stone (RIP) (1977), John Randolph (RIP) (1978), and Ted Bancroft (1979).
Former Occupations: Stenographer from Cleveland. Countess, socialite. Owner of Gallery 285.
Notes: The last known mention of Elena DePoulignac was in 1989 by Iris Wheeler.