James Douglas as EliotELIOT CARRINGTON

First Appearance: December 5, 1972
Last Appearance: March 29, 1974
Portrayer: James Douglas, December 5, 1972 - March 29, 1974.
Departure: Accepted a job as foreign correspondent at the London Sentinel.
Introduction Scene: To Louise Goddard Brooks, I have to rush right out again to interview Senator Morrison.
Exit Scene: Nursing Station of the hospital to Alice Matthews Frame, "Goodbye."
Other Whereabouts: New York City (-1973). London (1974-1981), Switzerland (1979).
Spouses: Iris Wheeler (divorced by May 1974).
Lovers: Paige Marshall (1981).
Flirtations: Alice Matthews Frame (1972-1973).
Medical History: Suffered mental breakdown.
Legal History: Former POW in Cambodia. Shot Alex Wheeler (RIP).
Current and Former Occupations: Newspaper journalist for Cory Publishing. Television journalist (KVIK, Texas). Author of A Journalist's Diary of Eastern Europe.