Beverlee McKinsey as Emma

EMMA FRAMETresa Hughes as Emma ORDWAY

First Appearance: May 5, 1972
Last Appearance: August 1, 1990
Portrayers: Beverlee McKinsey, May 5, 8, and 9, 1972.
Tresa Hughes, June 3, 1975 - September 22, 1975; February 20, 1976 - June 25, 1976.
Elizabeth Ashley, April 27, 1990 - August 1, 1990.
Arrival: (1972) Visited wealthy brother Steve to ask for money to bail Willis out of a jam.
(1976) Came to help Sharlene deal with Willis.
(1990) Came to attend Cass and Frankie's wedding and visit Sharlene.
Introduction Scenes: (Beverlee McKinsey) To Mark Venable in his office, “You Mark Venable?”
(Tresa Hughes, 1975) Walking into Steve and Alice's cottage living room, "Oh, I remember how beautiful this room is...."
(Tresa Hughes, 1976) In Willis' apartment over the phone to Angie Perrini, "Angie, Hi! I just couldn't hang up without speaking to you."
(Elizabeth Ashley) To Frankie Frame (RIP) at the Frame farmhouse. "And you. Look at that hair!"
Exit Scenes: (Beverlee McKinsey) In the Frame living room, to Steve Frame (RIP), "Well, now, you got things to do, so why don't I pack my satchel while Alice is fixing my breakfast."
(Tresa Hughes, 1976) The Frame living room to Sharlene Frame about revealing her past, "If Willis starts anything, I'll come back and put a stop to it once and for all."
(Elizabeth Ashley) Outside the Frame farm house, in reaction to Frankie Frame (RIP) tossing the bridal bouquet right to Josie Watts, "Oh."
Birthday: Two years younger than Steve Frame.
Other Aliases: Named after her grandmother.
Last Known Whereabouts: Chadwell, Oklahoma.
Elizabeth Ashley as Emma Relatives: Jenny Frame (RIP), mother. Henry Frame (RIP), father. Frankie Frame (RIP), daughter. Molly Ordway, daughter. Henry Ordway, son. Sterling Ordway, son (b. February 1971). Wade Frame, son. Steve Frame (RIP), brother. Willis Frame, brother. Vince Frame, brother. Jason Frame (RIP), brother. Janice Frame (RIP), Sister. Sharlene Frame, sister. Henry Frame, brother. Norman Frame, brother. Rose *, grandmother. Jamie Frame, nephew. Evan Frame, nephew. Josie Watts, niece. Dean Frame, nephew. Gregory Hudson, nephew. Sharlene *, cousin. Steven Frame, great-nephew. Charlie Frame Winthrop, great-niece. Gary Sinclair Jr. (RIP), great-nephew.
Spouses: Burt Ordway.
Medical History: Had a stroke (1995).