NAME [name of the character as he/she is currently called, e.g., Sharlene Watts became Sharlene Hudson, and now she is called Sharlene Frame; the symbol RIP appears beside the name of any deceased character]
FIRST APPEARANCE: [the day/week, month, and year the first time the character appeared on Another World]
LAST APPEARANCE: [the day/week, month, and year the last time the character appeared on Another World. Dates in parentheses refer to the last known appearance of the character, and may or may not be the actual last appearance.]
PORTRAYER(S): [in chronological order, the actors who have played the role and the dates of their appearances; does not include temporary replacements, such as Sophia Landon Geier replacing Anna Stuart as Donna Love for several weeks in December 1990-January 1991 and August-September 1993]
ARRIVAL(S): [the reason(s) a character came, and returned, to Bay City]
DEPARTURE(S): [the reason(s) a character left Bay City]
INTRODUCTION SCENE(S): [the actor(s)'s first lines, to whom and where. Also includes first lines for returning actors]
EXIT SCENE(S): [the actor(s)'s last lines, to whom and where]
BIRTHDAY: [real-time day born on Another World; birthday given; revised birthday, e.g., Matthew Cory; occasionally approximate years given and noted by (?)]
BIRTHPLACE: [sometimes assumed to be Bay City, Illinois, if the character has long been understood to have been born and raised there]
DATE OF DEATH: [real-time date]
OTHER ALIASES: [other names known as, with its signification, e.g., aliases, birth names, maiden names, nicknames, stage names. Origins in square brackets refer to real-life creative decisions]
LAST KNOWN WHEREABOUTS: [as mentioned on Another World]
OTHER WHEREABOUTS: [other places of residence]
RELATIVES: [all and only blood relatives listed, in the following order, with those in the same category listed chronologically by age: mother, father, children, siblings, maternal grandmother and grandfather, paternal grandmother and grandfather, grandchildren, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, cousins, great-grandparents, great-aunts and -uncles, and second cousins]
SPOUSES: [in chronological order, list of spouses with dates of marriage, divorce/annulment/dissolution, remarriage, and renewal of vows; "Woman" or "Man" used if name of spouse is unknown]
LOVERS: [in chronological order, names of characters (contract and short-term) slept with; does not include rapists; fiancees listed as such]
DATES: [in chronological order, characters dated and/or kissed romantically]
FLIRTATIONS: [in chronological order, vague category listing characters flirted with, pursued romantically, kissed unromantically, those who were the source or object of a crush, etc.]
MEDICAL HISTORY: [in chronological order, major medical facts, e.g., blindness, coma; minor medical facts, e.g., glasses, facial hair]
LEGAL HISTORY: [In chronological order, whether accused, prosecuted, or convicted of a crime; time spent in jail; illegal acts, e.g., murder, poisoning]
CURRENT AND FORMER OCCUPATIONS: [significant job or jobs currently and formerly held]
NOTE: An interesting piece of information about the character.