ERNIE DOWNS Ernie with Ada

First Appearance: July 20, 1967
Last Appearance: June 22, 1971
Portrayer: Harry Bellaver, July 20, 1967 - June 22, 1971.
Departure: Ada Hobson took Ernie to convalesce in Arizona when he began having chest pains.
Introduction Scene: In his office, to himself, "All right, I pumped twelve hundred gallons of high test at thirty five cents a gallon. How much is that? I did the arithmetic three times and it never comes out right."
Exit Scene: In the Downs kitchen, "But I told you I don't want to fly, Ada. I ain't never flown and I'm too old to start."
Date of Death: August 16, 1971.
Cause of Death: Heart attack.
Place of Death: Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.
Other Aliases: Ernest Jason Downs. Originally known as Sid.
Spouses: Woman (RIP).
Ada Hobson (RIP) (married on November 29, 1968. Dissolved in August 1971). []
Occupation: Owner of "Ernie's Super Service," a garage.