First Appearance: August 20, 1996
Last Appearance: June 25, 1999
Portrayer: Elain R. Graham, August 20, 1996 - June 25, 1999.
Introduction Scene: To Vicky Hudson, at Carlino's restaurant, "Mrs. Hudson?"
Exit Scene: To Vicky Hudson on her porch, agreeing with Donna that neither women were on the wagon, "Me, either."
Relatives: Judy Burrell, daughter. Edmund Burrell, son. Toni Burrell, daughter. K.C. Burrell, daughter.
Spouses: Harold Burrell (RIP) (married about 1959).

Nothing is known of Etta Mae's childhood, parents, or other relatives.

Years ago, Etta Mae had an affair with her best friend's lover and became pregnant with his child. Soon after that, Etta gave the baby girl up for adoption.

Harold and Etta Mae Burrell had seven children with twenty years between their oldest and youngest children: Judy, Edmund, Antoinette (Toni), and K.C. The names of their other three sons are unknown.

Etta also raised Tyrone Montgomery, her best friend Irene's son when Irene passed away. Etta Mae felt Tyrone betrayed the family by representing Nick Hudson as his defense lawyer when Nick was brought to trial for raping Toni. They reconciled once Nick's innocence was proven and the true culprit was apprehended. Their relationship was again shattered when Tyrone began investigating his mother and father. This resulted in Tyrone assuming that Etta was his mother and compromised Tyrone and Toni's budding relationship. However, Etta proved that Tyrone was not her son and confessed that she had given up her first child for adoption, before marrying Harold over 40 years ago.

Harold Burrell
Harold was Etta Mae's husband, whom she considered the man of her dreams.

Artie Willis
Before marrying Harold Burrell (RIP), Etta Mae had an affair with her best friend's lover, Artie.

CURRENT AND FORMER OCCUPATIONS: Housekeeper and nanny for Vicky Hudson. Owner of the Lucky Lady.