First Appearance: October 19, 1976
Last Appearance: December 29, 1978
Portrayer: Barry Jenner, October 19, 1976 - December 20, 1977; December 29, 1978.
Arrival: Accepted a job with Gordon Enterprises.
Introduction Scene: In an office at Gordon Enterprises to Alice Matthews Frame, "Good afternoon."
Exit Scenes: (1977) Randolph living room holding John Randolph at gunpoint, "I'm not bluffing."
(1978) Appearing in Olive Randolph's daydream.
Date of Death: December 19, 1977.
Cause of Death: Killed accidentally by John Randolph.
Lovers: Olive Randolph (1977).
Dates: Angie Perrini (1976) and Joan Barnard (1977).
Occupation: Architect at Gordon Enterprises.