First Appearance: June 27, 1966
Last Appearance: September 20, 1967
Portrayer: Marcella Martin, June 27, 1966 - September 20, 1967.
Departure: Went back to Chicago after being pardoned for Danny Fargo's death.
Introduction Scene: Flirting with Danny Fargo at The Alley, "I'm buying the piano player a beer."
Exit Scene: The Matthews house to Mary Matthews, "I have to do something. I don't want just to sit here and think and wonder..."
Birthplace: Iowa.
Other Aliases: Florence Murray (full name).
Relatives: Lizzie Mooney, mother. Madge Murray, sister. Herb Murray, brother. Martin, uncle. Agnes, great-aunt. Eight other brothers and sisters.
Spouses: Max (married in 1968).
Lovers: Danny Fargo (RIP) (1961-1967).
Medical History: An alcoholic.
Legal History: Killed Danny Fargo (RIP) in 1967.
Former Occupation: Waitress at The Alley.