First Appearance: October 13, 1965
Last Appearance: June 9, 1970
Portrayers: *, October 13, 1965.
Charles Baxter, January 17, 1966 - June 9, 1970.
Departure: Left after granting Susan Matthews Shearer a divorce.
Introduction Scenes: *, The Douglas house, "Alice, dear, forgive the long delay, but I absolutely couldn't face a beautiful young woman looking the way I did when I got home."
(Charles Baxter) "I'd be glad to - if you're sure it's not an imposition."
Exit Scene: To Susan Matthews Shearer, “Let’s write and tell each other what we’re thinking.”
Other Aliases: Frederick Hilton Douglas (full name). Originally known as Pete.
Last Known Whereabouts: Japan.
Relatives: Tony Douglas, son.
Spouses: Adelaide (Addie) (RIP).
Susan Matthews Shearer (married on September 19, 1969. Divorced on September 25, 1970).
Dates: Liz Matthews (1965-1969).
Former Occupation: Attorney.
Note:: The AWHP is unable to confirm whether Charles Baxter played the role on October 13, 1965.