First Appearance: October 13, 1965
Last Appearance: June 9, 1970
Portrayers: *, October 13, 1965.
Charles Baxter, January 17, 1966 - June 9, 1970.
Departure: Left for Tokyo, Japan on business.
Introduction Scenes: (*) To Alice Matthews Frame in the Douglas residence, "Alice, dear, forgive the long delay...."
(Charles Baxter) In John Randolph's office, To John Randolph about keeping some of his legal papers, "I'd be glad to. If you're sure it's not an imposition."
Exit Scene: (Charles Baxter) To Susan Matthews Shearer, "Let's write and tell each other what we're thinking."
Other Aliases: Frederick Hilton Douglas (full name). Originally known as Pete.
Last Known Whereabouts: Tokyo, Japan.
Relatives: Tony Douglas, son.
Spouses: Adelaide (Addie) (RIP).
Susan Matthews Shearer (married on September 19, 1969. Divorced on September 25, 1970).
Dates: Liz Matthews (1966-1969).
Former Occupation: Attorney.
Note: The AWHP is unable to determine the actor who played the role on October 13, 1965.