First Appearance: March 18, 1970
Last Appearance: July 26, 1974
Portrayer: Walter Mathews, March 18, 1970 - May 11, 1970; June 23, 1971 - July 21, 1971; March 14, 1972 - September 10, 1973; February 13, 1974 - July 26, 1974.
Departure: (1973) Moved to San Francisco, California.
(1974) Imprisoned for perjury.
Introduction Scenes: (1970) To Robert Delaney at Somerset's Riverboat, "I'll check; hold on."
(Reintro, 1972) To Rachel Cory in the Fireside Inn, "Hi honey."
(Reintro, 1974) In San Francisco, over the phone to Steve Frame, "Hello?"
Exit Scenes: (1973) To Rachel Cory in the Frame house, "Honey, I never meant to hurt you, believe me. But you've got to look out for yourself, because no one else ever does it for you."
(1974) To Rachel Cory at the Berryville prison, "Someday, Rachel, you're going to run into somebody who'll out-trick you. And I want to be around when that day comes."
Birthday: April 20, 1924.
Birthplace: Evansville, Indiana.
Other Aliases: Gerald Ketchum Davis (full name). Originally known as Lou (1967).
Last Known Whereabouts: Prison.
Other Whereabouts: Somerset. San Francisco, California (1973-1974).
Relatives: Rachel Cory Hutchins, daughter. Pammy Davis, daughter. Jamie Frame, grandson. Amanda Cory, granddaughter. Matthew Cory, grandson. Elizabeth Hutchins, granddaughter. Cory Hutchins, grandson. Alli Fowler, great-granddaughter. Steven Frame, great-grandson. Jasmine Cory, great-granddaughter.
Spouses: Ada Hobson (RIP) (married in 1944. Divorced by 1949).
Marsha Davis (married in early 1950s. Divorced).
Legal History: Convicted of perjury.
Former Occupation: Managed The Riverboat, a restaurant in Somerset. Managed the Fireside Inn.
Notes: Gerald's appearances in 1970 and 1971 were crossovers from Somerset. Then, the character was permanently transferred to Another World in 1972.