First Appearance: March 18, 1970
Last Appearance: July 26, 1974
Portrayer: Walter Mathews, March 18, 1970 - July 26, 1974 [recurring].
Departure: Imprisoned for perjury.
Introduction Scene: To Robert Delaney at Somerset's Riverboat, "I'll check; hold on."
Exit Scene: To Rachel Cory at the Berryville prison, "Someday, Rachel, you're going to run into somebody who'll out-trick you. And I want to be around when that day comes."
Birthplace: Evansville.
Other Aliases: Gerald Ketchum Davis (full name). Originally known as Lou (1967).
Last Known Whereabouts: Prison.
Other Whereabouts: Somerset.
Relatives: Rachel Cory Hutchins, daughter. Pammy Davis, daughter. Jamie Frame, grandson. Amanda Cory, granddaughter. Matthew Cory, grandson. Elizabeth Hutchins, granddaughter. Cory Hutchins, grandson. Alli Fowler, great-granddaughter. Steven Frame, great-grandson. Jasmine Cory, great-granddaughter.
Spouses: Ada Hobson (RIP) (married in 1944. Divorced by 1949).
Marsha Davis (married in early 1950s. Divorced).
Legal History: Convicted of perjury.
Former Occupation: Managed The Riverboat, a restaurant in Somerset. Managed the Fireside Inn.